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CarDoor and PAVE: A Case Study on how automated inspections provide a convenient and transparent at-home car selling experience

Case Study

Acquisition & Trade

CarDoor further simplified the digital car-buying experience by adopting PAVE for real-time vehicle inspections, improving the customer experience while increasing sales volume.


Founded in 2021, CarDoor, Canada’s fastest-growing online car retailer is a technology company that is transforming the way people buy and sell cars. Its online car retailing platform puts consumers at the center of the car-buying experience—enabling them to browse and purchase vehicles from the comfort of their home, at times that are most convenient to them. Through its premium dealer partners, CarDoor customers benefit from unlimited, high-quality inventory. And unlike other online vehicle marketplaces, CarDoor offers free delivery, and money-back guarantees and exchanges. To build on this exceptional customer experience, CarDoor wanted to simplify the way consumers were capturing images of their trade-in vehicles for inspection purposes. Image quality is critical to the inspection process but is highly dependent on the customer’s ability to take the right photo, at the right angle, in the right lighting. Inadequate customer photos were making it difficult for CarDoor to evaluate a vehicle’s true value.


Streamline the vehicle trade-in process for consumers with an AI-driven tool that consistently captures images, conducts comprehensive inspections, and returns accurate trade-in values.
Our goal is to create a stress-free car-shopping experience, and PAVE technology helps make that possible. Together, we are putting customers in the driver’s seat.

Matt McKenzie Founder and CEO, CarDoor


As the online car retail market heats up, CarDoor is relying on PAVE to maintain a leg up on the competition. “Without good photos, we are just trading on commodity values,” says McKenzie. “With PAVE, we can be bolder and more aggressive with the value we offer our customers.” In addition to helping consumers realize the true value of their trade-ins, CarDoor keeps a close eye on units sold—and how many of those transactions are completed with PAVE links.

The PAVE dashboard provides CarDoor with visibility into how many PAVE links have been sent, how many inspections have been completed, and who has yet to begin the process. This enables CarDoor to adjust and adapt at a campaign level to increase engagement and as it continues to grow—with cross-country expansions in the works—CarDoor will rely on PAVE to help move even more inventory.

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