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TradeBid and PAVE: A Case Study how TradeBid uses PAVE automated vehicle inspections to accelerate their digital auction marketplace.

Case Study


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TradeBid established Ireland’s first digital automotive trade marketplace with PAVE as its underlying vehicle inspection solution, accelerating the end-to-end trade cycle from weeks to days.

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland

  • 2 days

    From vehicle upload to payment

  • 2 minutes

    To generate vehicle assessments

  • 5,000 +

    PAVE reports generated


Before TradeBid launched in 2021, Ireland had no technology-driven, dealer-to-dealer marketplace for automotive dealers to buy and sell pre-owned vehicles online. Today, dealers, manufacturers, and lease companies rely on the TradeBid auction platform to access the Irish dealer network, increasing their access to stock by up to 10 times. Through the TradeBid app or website, dealers can browse, bid, pay, and arrange for vehicle delivery directly to their dealership. To make these transactions as transparent and consistent as possible, TradeBid needed to apply rigor around vehicle inspection and presentation so that all available inventory featured the same accurate condition reports and history checks.


“In Ireland and abroad, there is a trust gap in the trade-in process,” says Conor O’Boyle, co-founder of TradeBid. “We want our buyers to bid with confidence, and our sellers to understand the actual value of their vehicle without subjective forces at play.” This was especially important as buying trade vehicles sight unseen is critical to TradeBid’s business model. TradeBid needed a way to establish trust with platform users and keep inventory—and dealership sales—flowing.
We are excited to have PAVE in our corner as we work to become the largest and most trusted brand for buying and selling cars. Together, we are creating the ultimate car experience.

Conor O’Boyle Co-founder, TradeBid

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O’Boyle and his team evaluated several inspection solutions before deciding to invest in PAVE. As the first company in Ireland to deploy PAVE’s advanced inspection software, TradeBid was particularly impressed with the quality of PAVE condition reports and level of service. “PAVE takes guesswork out of the inspection process,” says O’Boyle. “We consider PAVE more than just a vendor—they are a critical business partner that is foundational to our success.” For each vehicle uploaded, PAVE leverages our inspection platform to provide TradeBid with complete vehicle details, including images highlighting any damages and anticipated costs to repair. Within two minutes, PAVE generates a vehicle grade and condition report that TradeBid can in turn share with buyers and sellers—accelerating the trade process significantly. “It used to take several days to assign an inspector, get them to examine the vehicle, and submit their report,” says O’Boyle. “Now, buyers and sellers can move inventory at a much faster pace, and the element of human error is gone.” 


Since launching, TradeBid has generated more than 5,000 PAVE reports. With a goal to capture half the market by the end of the year, PAVE will continue to be an important part of TradeBid’s expansion plans. These include a consumer offering and a platform for electric vehicles.

“Trust is hard to come by in this business,” says O’Boyle. “With PAVE, we are confident we can achieve our goals and build lasting relationships with customers as we continue to grow.”

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